Company Profile

IT Consultants Ltd was established in 1990 to offer the following services within the Cyprus market:

Consulting in Information Technology.
Project Management in Information Technology.

Strategic Planning and Project Management Seminars.

Management Consulting with emphasis on Business Systems and Human Resource Development.

The mission of IT Consultants Ltd is to add value to its clients and increase their competitive advantage through the introduction of Information Technology and the development of their Human Resources.

Organisations that have employed the consulting services of IT Consultants Ltd during the past five years include:

  • Government of Cyprus, Ministry of Finance
  • Government of Cyprus, Ministry of Health
  • Cyprus Tourism Organisation
  • Cyprus Forest Industries Public Ltd
  • Cyprus Milk Industry Organisation
  • Cyprus Technological University
  • Cyprus Sports Organisation (KOA)
  • Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
  • Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation
  • Cyprus Development Bank
  • Cyprus News Agency
  • Cyprus Airways
  • Cyprus Amateur Athletics Organisation
  • Cyprus State Fairs Authority
  • Wine Products Council
  • Papyros Central Distribution Company
  • Delema Consultants Ltd
  • Novasys Information Services Ltd
  • H.S.Data Limited
  • Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd.
  • Central Agency for the Equal Distribution of Burdens
  • Lordos Hotels (Holdings) Public Ltd