• B.A.(Hons) Mathematics, Pembroke College, Cambridge University
  • M.A. Mathematics, Pembroke College, Cambridge University
  • M.Sc. Computer Science, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Member of the British Computer Society
  • Member of the Cyprus Computer Society
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Member of ETEK
  • Chartered Information Systems Engineer
  • Chartered IT Professional
  • Certified Management Consultant
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"Our mission is to add value to our clients and increase their competitive advantage through the introduction of Information Technology and the development of their Human Resources."
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We feel that there are significant benefits to the Customer derived by using the services of IT Consultants Ltd that we wish to highlight.

Proven Experience – IT Consultants Ltd consultants have proven experience in the areas of their expertise. The company’s Chief Executive has more than 30 man years of experience in the computer industry and has had considerable involvement in managing large complex projects.

Experience of working in Cyprus and abroad – IT Consultants Ltd consultants have worked abroad on assignments for multinational firms and have gained considerable experience working in large and complex computerisation projects.

Skills in Project Management – The field experience of our consultants in project management is already mentioned above. IT Consultants Ltd consultants have received formal training in the disciplines of these areas and are fully capable of practising the skills needed.

Risk Management – Any new project or new investment will inherently include elements of risk. Effective project management is the mechanism by which risk is managed and reduced. Our consultants have ample experience of managing projects, hence they are effective and successful in anticipating and managing the associated risks.

Belief in teamwork, co-operation, openness, honesty and trust – These values are respected highly by IT Consultants Ltd consultants. We believe that these play significant part of a project’s success. Within a project, individuals cannot achieve all on their own. In each project every contributor is equally important; the success of a project relies upon individual and collective contribution. Hence our consultants will always actively promote the values of teamwork, trust and communication.